About Us

Welcome To Synxa

Synxa is a global arbitration concierge broker for hotels, resorts, condos, villas, houses, yacht & private jet charters, jet skis and exotic cars rentals that connects owners to travel agencies on a secure and easy to use platform. Synxa inventory spans 3 continents, over 50 countries and 500 locations across the globe. From New York, San Francisco, and Miami to Athens, Lisbon, and Phuket, bringing the access of various types of inventory to thousands of travel agencies every year and bringing more business/bookings to inventory owners.




Our Mission

Be able to connect business owners of rentals to travel agencies/brokers so they can all make the most money as possible, anytime, anywhere on any device.

Our Promise

Travel Agencies/Brokers

We make it easy for both experienced And inexperienced travel agencies and Brokers to browse our verified inventory Based on date, location, price. We make Customization simple so you can create Your clients ideal trip directly in the booking Flow. An we are there for you at every step Of the way, with help, assistance and advice To make sure you have complete peace of mind And the best pricing available.

Inventory Suppliers

Synxa is the perfect way for owners of private jets, yachts, hotels & resorts, condos, villas, houses, jet skis, exotic cars and more to make more money and get more customers without having to pay anything. An get access to millions of new customers without having to pay for any advertising.